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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Celebrate a Slice of Summer

Hello summer...

This is the new pattern getting ready to be sent out to our members of our original paper pattern club.  Our original club is still going strong.

It is so appropriate that we prepare to include painting in our summer activities.  I know it is so tempting to just put the brushes away and wait time fall.  New patterns and books will be in great supply come August but there is so much that can be done this summer.

Laurie's Summer Guide to Painting Fun

  1. Summer is a great time to watch video classes.  Even if you don't have time to actually paint the project, viewing the videos will give you an idea of what fun you will have ahead. Take your computer, tablet, ipad or phone with you on vacation and when you have time click on a link and enjoy a little video.  Click here to check out our classes and workshops.
  2. Make a list of your favorite blogs and websites.  Make a point of checking in to see if they are offering something new or special.  
  3. Join some painting Facebook groups.  Search and see what groups are available.  If they are a closed group ask to be added to their list.
  4. Collect images on Pinterest.  Did you know that a person from Iowa was one of the creators of this?  Another example of "If you build it, they will come."  LOL  Make searches for specific items.  Snowmen, Santas, Gingerbread etc.  You will find lots of ideas for projects and even how-to lessons and information.  You can even follow your favorite people or boards. It is a great research tool and you don't have the clutter of stacks of paper.  Look me up and follow me in Pinterest.  Just look up my name.
  5. Take your painting outside.  If you yearn to be outside take your brushes and projects out with you.  You can easily use a picnic or patio table.  Take your paints camping with you or to the beach.  Use the beautiful setting as an additional inspiration and motivator.
  6. If you are not in the mood to paint, take time and clean and organize your studio.  It will be time well spent.  
  7. Make a plan for fall painting.  If you have deadlines for craft shows or boutiques, now is the time to look at the calender and plan out your inventory.
  8. Look for new trends in the gift stores as they start to receive fall and Christmas materials.  Catalogs will be coming out in the summer months and it is time to start looking.  Also look for color combinations and lettering styles.
  9. Make a wish list of supplies and projects you would love to try.  
  10. Take inventory of all your surfaces and try to find designs to fit specific surfaces you have on hand
Most of all have fun with painting and make it something you look forward to and yearn to do.  You will be surprised how much more fun it will become when you search out new things to try and serve as inspiration. 

So take time to enjoy summer but keep painting as part of the pie!

Keep a smile in your brush : ) Laurie

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Video for Laurie's Foam Texture Stamps

My new Foam Texture Stamps have become a great hit.  They can do so much to embellish a background, add design and just plain have fun with them.  I thought you could use a more detailed video on how to use and take care of them.

Click here to watch the video...

Hope you will find it helpful.  Have fun!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring 2014 Creative U Review

Our spring Creative Coach University was here and went.  No matter how hard you try, it just goes by so darn quickly that it barely is a blink.  We did so much in just a few short days.  Our participants work very hard to meet each of the challenges.  We talk about "going outside of their box" a lot.  Many start with trouble leaving what is familiar and trying something new.  What can even be harder is trying to come up with something different from your neighbor.  They learn very quickly that there are no right or wrong solutions.  Just ones that maybe work a little better.

We worked on fun backgrounds, new lettering styles, image transfers and tried out new products and techniques.  We try to include our traditional painting techniques with new techniques and approaches.

Dates are up for fall 2014 and spring 2015 -