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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Count Down to Christmas

There are only a few days left before Christmas.  I have several days to put my creative juices to work and start new items for the new year.  Also busy finishing some last minute gifts.  Paint...faster!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gingerbread House Tutorial

How about a quick tutorial with tips on using the new gingerbread stencil.  If you downloaded the free Gingerbread Jumbo Tag pattern off the website, you will hopefully find this helpful.  You can use this by itself or add a stand for decoration on a table, desk or in a kitchen.

I won't cover all of the step but will try to point out some pointers and hopefully will get your mind working on how you could take advantage of this and more...

Start with the blank jumbo tag.  I like to spatter my background before starting anything else.  That way I don't have to work around objects.  I also like to background stencils when I can.  Lay it down once and you are done.  You will then add and layer all the shapes on top of it.  
Tape off any area around the object you are trying to add.

Then add the roof.  Again you want to tape off any area that you don't want color to enter.  You will move the roof down to meet up with the house shape.  If you don't move it down there will be a gap.
Add shading on the house and roof.  Don't forget to add shading around the object also.  This will allow the shape to come forward and make it stand out.  Pounce color around the bottom so the object isn't floating in the air.

 Add all the candy canes and peppermint.  The shapes can be flipped either direction by just turning over the stencil and using the other side. The doorway is made by stacking long cylinder shapes.  
Shading adds a lot to the images and helps give them dimension.
Add stripes with a flat/shader brush.  The small stripes are done with a short liner.  A highlight line on the candy cane adds additional dimension.  There is an overlay for the round peppermint candy.

By adding snow on top of the candy canes you add an additional look of dimension and interest.  I use a #1 short liner to do this.  By varying your pressure on your brush you can create a lot of interest.

The stencil provides for a variety of gingerbread "people" shapes.  I chose a shape that works well to create a female shape. There are also a lot different possibilities with circles and gumdrop shapes.  I added lollipops and gumdrops to decorate my front lawn.
The gumdrops can be stippled with white to resemble sugar.  Add additional dots of color to make them stand out.  You could also use the new DecoArt Glitter paints on these to give them some sparkle.
Notice that I created the decoration on the gingerbread by just creating lines.


I found these fun swirls on the Haunted Mansion stencil.  You could also do them with a liner brush.  The dots are created with dots of color and the end of brushes or a stylus.

 You can test out lettering with a good chalk pencil.  A pencil used for quilting works great for this.  You can easily remove the chalk with a damp cloth or eraser.  No additional mess to deal with.
 Once you determine your lettering position, add two even coats of paint.  Shade on the sides of the lettering and under the lettering.  You can do your shading between coats.

 Finish by adding additional dots and swirls.  You can get some great ideas for decorating houses by looking at the examples of real gingerbread houses in ads or used as examples in gingerbread house making kits.  You can find them at your local craft store and in your holiday sections.

Hope you have fun and let your creativity soar.  So much can be done.  Enjoy!!!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

New book, stencils and free patterns are coming...

What would be better to finish off the season than NEW merchandise!  We are getting ready to release new books, stencils and free patterns.  There is also a new tutorial that will be released featuring our gingerbread stencil.  So stay tuned bloggers for an exciting end and start of the year.  Laurie