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Friday, October 22, 2010

Haunted Mansion Tutorial

Here is our new "Haunted Mansion" pattern

Try these simple steps to build your mansion.

1.  When I created the original design, I mapped out what I wanted for a final design with my chalk pencil.  You won't need to do that when using the stencil.  You can just add simple marks to help in positioning.

 2. Start by stacking 2 large images to create a 2 story house.

3.  Add the side rooms by overlapping the shapes.
4.  Add more rooms/sections.

5.  Keep adding rooms as desired.
6.  Add the roofs.  Use your stencil to mark the division of the sections if needed.  This way you know where to float your color to add depth.  
7.  Start adding doors and windows.
8.  Now go on and add more elements and details until you have created the perfect mansion.

Think of all the possibilities.  You can create houses of all sizes and shapes.  Make them simple or complex...your choice.  You could even use these shapes to create a summer cottage.

Have fun with it...Laurie


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