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Friday, June 15, 2012

Hi everyone.  Hope the summer is treating you well.  I am painting new fall and winter projects right now and decided we will start sharing some of these now.  The first new pattern we are releasing is a set of 3 goodie baskets.  If you have followed us for a while you will remember that we have used the base box before.  It was so popular back then we decided to bring it up to date with the times. 

The new version uses layering of texture and color to create some outstanding color effects.  The bases are so much fun and if you don't fill the basket they will be so eye catching all on their own.  We also beefed up the pattern packet with lots of photos to work from.  There is so much here that you will want to see everything that is possible.  The new cutouts are fun with or without the boxes.  Pin kits are so popular and these could be used for that very easily. 

Here is a look at one of the bases.  I absolutely had so much fun doing these.  It uses the stripes stencil and texture mesh.  Each base is different.

We have a special on the kits and it ends today so take advantage.  This is the accessory cut out kit. 

Check out all the possibilities.

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