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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Welcome to Summer Fun

Welcome to all those coming to join us for the first time.  Welcome back to all those returning.  We are so excited with the release of our new book series "Laurie Speltz's Words to Paint With..."  I have been working on these for months and can't wait to share them.  These books work great with our word stencils and also with our Alpha series of stencils.  Anything goes... Oh, sorry I just got done watching the Tony awards and that song is stuck in my head.  Now it is stuck in yours!!!

There is a great special going on for preorders of the books.  Don't miss out.

This will be your summer place for entertainment, a few laughs, a video or two and lots of ideas.  Put your summer to good use.  Dust off your paint brushes and beat the heat.  Keep a smile in your brush - Laurie :)

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